Grow your business

The Laws of Business Growth 

The order is important here. 

Knowing and understanding the importance of each of these, and being able to apply them will be critical in helping you navigate the growth journey. 

  1. Mindset: Foster a forward-thinking and problem-solving mindset. Make clear decisions, prioritise challenges, and a clear bias towards action. You can course correct as you go. 
  1. Strategy: what separates you from the rest? It could be your innovative positioning, your network, deep knowledge of a niche, or your productised delivery model. It’s hard to be the best in all areas, so know the game you are playing and play to win. 
  1. Marketing and Sales: Develop a strategy to reach your target audience, communicate value, and drive revenue growth. Build a feedback loop to continuously understand your audience and adjust your offerings accordingly.
  1. Profitability: Ensure your profit margins are optimised before you scale. Find the right balance between product-market fit, efficient delivery, and pricing that generates leftover cash for growth. 
  1. Team: Hire and develop talented humans who align with your business values. Have a framework to guide your hires to ensure quality control and you don’t just hire on feel. Warren Buffet looks for the three I’s: Integrity, Intelligence, Initiative. 
  1. Revenue: Aim for consistent month-on-month growth while maintaining a healthy cash flow. Find the right pace that fuels business growth without straining your finances.
  1. Cash Management & Forecasting: Maintain sufficient working capital (2 months of Operating Expenses) to sustain business operations. Focus on forecasting and managing cash flow to navigate cash crunches and support growth.
  1. Build Lasting Value: When buying a business purchasers look for consistent, risk-free, future cash flows. Create a cash generating business that can operate independently of your direct involvement. 

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